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  1. Water that Smelled Like Poop: A Summer Wish List

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    July 25, 2017 by bhjames78

    In seven days, summer will be over. Seven weeks ago, the time seemed unlimited. At that time, we made a …
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  2. This is What Happens When Two English Teachers Raise a Child


    June 27, 2017 by bhjames78

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN TWO ENGLISH TEACHERS RAISE A CHILD:   4-year-old, to preschool teacher, upon arrival Monday morning: …
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  3. Borges at Disneyland


    December 10, 2016 by bhjames78

    I read a lot of Borges. My critical thesis in grad school was on Borges’s influence on the fiction of …
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  4. First Week in NY Part 3: Scalpers and Batteries


    March 10, 2012 by bhjames78

    Our first full day in NY, having arrived really late the night before (actually, really really early that morning) at …
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