No Title!

I started writing Parnucklian for Chocolate three years ago during my teacher credentialing night classes, which took place on Monday and Wednesday nights and which were super boring most of the time and often bearable only—with the pretense of taking notes—by making a grocery list or drafting one’s will or doodling the same 3D-looking box over and over or—as was the case the day I sort of out of nowhere starting writing about Josiah, the protagonist of my novel, and his family—writing a story.  I wrote the first twenty pages or so—pretty much the first draft of the first chapter—while sitting in those classes, and a few weeks later I sent those twenty pages in as workshop material to the University of Nebraska’s Low Residency MFA Program, which I began that winter.  Most of the remainder of the novel—which grew to around 300 pages—was drafted in the course of that two year program.

Here are some pictures of those first pages I wrote while not listening to some lecture about reaching every learner, even the “exceptional” ones:

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