Mike Tyson

We used to have one cat.  Rooster.  Rooster is a Maine Coon, which is a breed of cat that weighs 15 to 20 pounds and resembles a raccoon, but puffier, and more cat-like.  Rooster weighs closer to 20 pounds than 15.  When he lies on his back in the middle of the floor, as he often does, he looks kind of like a really big sea anemone with a cat head on one end.

Now we have a second cat.  Mike Tyson.  Mike Tyson is a girl cat (Rooster is a boy cat).  Mike Tyson is a stray that turned up at my wife’s work.  Liz(my wife)’s office mate starting calling her (the cat, not Liz) Mike Tyson because she was missing part of her ear.  At some point, she had been caught and spayed and then earmarked to indicate this.  Technically, then, she should be Holyfield, but as we soon came to find out, the name actually makes a lot of sense.

It makes a lot of sense because Mike Tyson is a very loving and affectionate cat that likes to show her love and affection by biting.  She also shows dissatisfaction by biting, as well as excitement and frustration.  In short, Mike Tyson, like Mike Tyson, likes to bite.  She bites fingers, mostly.  And toes.  And Rooster.  And the carpet.  Sometimes she just starts biting the carpet.

Mike Tyson is a calico.  Apparently calicos are notoriously naughty.  I didn’t know this until recently.  My grandparents had a calico cat for a while when I was a kid.  Her name was Buttercup.  I don’t remember much about Buttercup, except that one day she got caught in the automatic garage door.  That was the end of Buttercup.

So I haven’t been blogging for awhile…

So I haven’t been blogging for awhile, mostly because shortly after my last post I received notes back from my editor, and have been spending much of my not-at-work time working on my novel and little-to-no time on other things like keeping up with yardwork or grading or eating right or blogging.

But I sent the manuscript back this week and am looking forward to getting back into the blog swing of things.  I already know what my next post will be about:  cats.  Our cats.  I don’t have any actual data on this, but in my little mind I imagine something like sixty-two percent of all blog posts are about people’s cats.  In some the cats are metaphorical, but in some the cats are just cats.

P.S.  The big news since my last post is that my wife, Liz, and I have learned that we’re going to be parents.  We (possibly) learn the sex this coming week, and have names (first and middle) picked out for either possibility.  If I knew how to upload the grainy black-and-white photo from the freezer door to this webpage, I would.